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MiTechMate Services Deliver

What Services You Can Enjoy from MiTechMate

Virus, Spyware, Ransomware and Malware Removal Service


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MiTechMate is confident to help users out of kinds of viruses, spyware, ransomware and malware completely. All the services are guaranteed with 7-day policy. In unlikely the same virus comes back again, we will help you remove it freely. 

1. We will remotely access into your computer by remote assistance through the Internet after getting your permission. The highly-trained experts will diagnose your computer situation to find and remove all infected files and registry entries from your operating system completely and permanently. During the process, users just need to sit back and watch the all the removal steps. By the way, users have the right to control the remote window and you can close it at any time. 

2. It is our responsibility to help you save your PC and get it back to clean again. MiTechMate not only helps users in malware removal but also provides tips to prevent computer from infecting with viruses, malware and spyware once again. Your satisfaction is the best prize for our job.  

Infected by a Virus, Spyware, Ransomware or Malware?


Computer Speedup, Tune-up & Optimization Service



Your computer restarts randomly and unexpectedly?  Bombarded by weird and suspicious pop-up error messages constantly? Getting random BSODs (Blue Screen Of Death)? Low memory errors pop up even if there is no memory true memory problem? System starting or loading time to get into Windows takes excessively long? Constant pop-ups are appearing on your IE, Firefox and Chrome? Windows updates will not install successfully? Windows Firewall or third party firewall software has been disabled? Windows task manager will not open?...  Don’t worry, MiTechMate experts can help you solve all these problems and make your computer run as a brand-new one: 

1. Empty recycle bin, junk files, temporary files, useless toolbars, add-ons and plug-ins to keep computer run in secure circumstance.

2. Disable all unnecessary Startup programs, shortcuts and quick launches. 

3. Uninstall repeated programs and start hard drive defragmentation.

4. Clean browser cached files, pictures and cookies. 

5. Additional user account creation (Optional).

Are you suffering from terrible PC performance?


Windows / Program Update, Repair, Reinstall & Install Service


Your Windows update is unable to install? Antivirus program cannot open normally? Firewall has been shut down forever? Most of your software have been disabled? Some programs cannot be uninstalled from Control Panel?... Take it easy, sit back and let MiTechMate online experts help you solve all of your programs issues:

1. Install and uninstall programs from Control panel.

2. Update operating system and software to the referred/newest version.

3. Repair pop-up program errors and get them back to available again.

4. Maintain system programs and applications regularly.

5. Take note of blue screen of death codes and come up with related solution to fix it.

Some of your programs do not function normally?


Microsoft Office Setup & Problems Supported Service

Microsoft Office is a very useful tool for work. However, when it generates errors or does not work properly, you may not be able to get it fixed. Keep in mind that we can help you solve any issue related to Office 2003, Office 2007 & Office 2010: 

1. Setup, Install, Reinstall Microsoft Office

2. Troubleshoot and repair error messages

3. Solve compatibility issues

4. Upgrade and Update to Microsoft Office 2010

5. Solve problems such as crashes, no response or application not starting.


Annoyed with Crashes or Freezing on Microsoft Office?


Email / Outlook Setup & Problem Supported Service


MiTechMate Online PC Support can help you with remote technical assistance for troubleshooting Outlook problems and errors. Our professional and friendly experts can diagnose and fix various problems in Microsoft Outlook online through internet.
1. Help to create a new account for Email or Outlook.
2. Hook up email account to computer or mobile phone
3. Troubleshoot existing problems such as font, icons and required plug-in.
4. Maintain and update Email and Outlook applications
5. Fixing problems in Office Outlook mails, calendar, address book, folders or tasks

Need help to fix your Outlook or Email?

Printer Setup, Troubleshooting & Maintenance Service

Whether if you are a user that prints personal pictures from home or prints business files from company, MiTechMate Experts can help you anytime and anywhere on your printer issues.

1. Set up all kinds of printers 

2. Installing printer software and configure your printer to work on a wireless or wired network.

3. Troubleshoot any particular problem and maintain your printer. 

4. Provide instructions on using Printer

Printer fails to print files locally or online?


Adobe Flash Update & Media Files Conversion Service

1. Update Adobe Flash Player and other media players

2. Install proprietary tools/utilities which have top-of-the-line codecs

3. Convert video and audio files to your preferred formats

4. Fix playing problems on video websites like YouTube or Netflix

Don't know how to convert your media files?

Data Backup & Recovery Service

Data backup is an insurance plan. We can help you back up important data to appropriate drive or media and recover your precious data that has been deleted. Also, we will do a full scan of system and diagnose your hard disk. 

1. Help you safely and effectively back up your files and data to external hard drive, USB flash drive, CD, DVD or other media.
2. Help you setup connection between external storage devices (external hard drive and USB flash drive) and your PC
3. Check and re-install USB hub driver to fix connection issues between external storage devices  and your PC
4. Provide instructions to teach you how to backup data by yourself
5. Help you safely and effectively back up your date to your cloud storage server
6. Help you recover hidden or deleted data  

Have no idea about how to backup or restore your data/files?

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